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This page is your go-to for all things Ever After Beauty.

You are the voice and heart of our brand in the PMU community.

You play and incredibly important role in helping us make our brand the best for artists everywhere.

As part of SocialLadder, you will:

• Participate in monthly challenges

• Be the first to know about upcoming products and releases!

• Access special offers and earn exclusive rewards

Our Brand Assets are as follows:

Mission Statement

Ever After Beauty Supply was established to provide artists and clinicians with the most innovative products in the permanent makeup industry. We want to give you the best tools so you can create beautiful, long lasting results.





Tone of Voice

Fun, witty, trendy. Examples include: "Valedictorian AND captain of the team? You can try to hate it, but the Bishop PMU Machine is an all around winner for artists" and "Keep it rolling on our vivace stool"



How many challenges do I need to complete each month?

Answer: This is up to you! If you complete all of the given challenges in your dashboard, you will unlock the maximum reward.

Do rewards expire or roll over, and how do I receive my compensation?

The total reward you earn by the last day of each month will not roll over to the next. You will receive PayPal payouts following each month end.

Will I receive commission for sharing my unique promo code?

Yes. You will receive a 4% kickback for each sale made when someone completes an order using your promo code.



SocialLadder support: nexusbrands@socialladderhelp.zendesk.com

Other questions? Reach out to ​catherineb@nexusbrands.com!