Ultra Plush Terry Cloth Linen Set (Thick)


Our Ultra Plush Terry Cloth Linen Sets are a great addition to your furniture investment. The Thick Set is two times more weighty and durable than the standard set and includes a form-fitted bed cover, a body towel, a facial towel, and a headband. Not only will it keep your clients clean but this linen set will increase the lifespan of your upholstery. Made with 100% cotton, our linens and towels are all machine-washable.

  • Works with the following models:

    • Siena (MT518)
    • Siena Elite (FT528)
    • Denali (MT517)
    • Denali Elite (FT527)
    • Solara (MT515)
    • Solara Elite (FT525)
    • Lumina Elite (FC398)