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"Congratulations! You are done and Breast Cancer free! There are no more surgeries required (after taking your nipples or leaving them a sliver of a nipple, massive scars from one or multiple surgeries, and leaving the person botched and insecure about their breast, etc.)! It's exciting that you're alive, and now you can go back to normal"

-Someone who has NO IDEA about the power of restorative tattoos

THAT'S WHERE I COME IN! I never thought that being a traditional tattooer who did PMU would land me the passion for my tattooing career which is Restorative tattoo awareness! I advocate for better standards with hyperrealistic areola tattoos and/or body art over scarred skin.

Medical professionals aren't told to have partnerships or referrals for the survivors, which is unfortunate in my eyes, as a patient educator for Breast Cancer patients. Luckily, there are now way more people "in the know" because of the popularity in tattooing (and more artists being available), but still far from where it should be. Why am I so passionate about the survivor feeling confident in their own body with restorative tattoos? Well, I was not a Breast Cancer survivor, but I had to deal with hating my body since I was in grade school.

Most of my adult life, I was morbidly obese. After losing 100+ pounds and looking great in my clothes, I still felt like it wasn't enough for me. The aftermath of weight loss and a lot of loose skin directed me to a body lift, which left me with massive scars. It wasn't until I decorated my own scars with tattoos that I learned to love myself in my own skin. I can relate to those who dislike their body due to scars, and I've never gone back to those feelings since then.

I created a 501c3 organization called Spot On Survivor because I didn't want a limit to who gets to love their bodies through tattooing what was lost back on or decorate beautifully with body art. It Tia created to give them free restorative tattoos for those who can't afford to.
**Please give to the Venmo: spot_on_survivors or email: to help out and give confidence through tattooing someone's confidence back!**

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