Jodi Kell's bio

Since 2014, I have become completely obsessed with all things PMU and have dedicated my life to continuing my education. I have worked alongside award winning tattoo artists, trained and studied under world renowned tattoo artists and PMU artists from all over the world earning several certifications and achievements.

I specialize in Color Theory and consider one of the biggest achievements in my career so far to be the sponsorship I have been awarded by Ever After Pigments, the high end pigment brand that I use in my studio. I offer only the best and highest quality to my clients. Because of my many years of experience and continuing education, I am skilled in several methods of tattooing such as SofTap, rotary machine work, and Microblading so that I can accommodate each individual client personally.

Although I have been a large amount of experience and knowledge, I strive to keep growing, learning and mastering my craft. The long days in my studio fly by and each day is truly a blessing. I simply love what I do! Cosmetic Tattooing is not a job for me, it is a lifestyle which allows me to use the artistic skills I was naturally given to help restore confidence to others. I have a profound and deep sense of gratitude towards my clients. I feel it’s truly a partnership and each session is special and unique.