Jodi Kell

Hot As Kell Cosmetic Tattooing

Algonquin, IL

Jodi Kell's bio

I’m thrilled to introduce myself and would love to share some info on how I began my exciting journey in the Permanent Makeup Industry, my extensive credentials and my exciting future goals.

My journey began in 2014 I was living in Las Vegas and seeking a body tattoo apprenticeship. My mother called me from Illinois to ask about Permanent Eyeliner. At that time, I knew nothing about PMU so I began researching this procedure for her and instantly became fascinated with PMU! My mindset and gears shifted immediately and after much research on how to receive proper training, my new journey began!

Since then, I have become completely obsessed with all things PMU and have dedicated my life to continuing my education. I have worked alongside award winning tattoo artists, trained and studied under world renowned tattoo artists and PMU artists from all over the world earning several certifications and achievements.

I am addicted to learning new techniques and trends, growing and networking within my industry. When I’m not in my studio, I am traveling to conventions, conferences and expos dedicated to the PMU and body tattooing industry with Ever After Pigments. I love to travel! In 2020, I was granted the opportunity to perform PMU live at the Motor City Tattoo Convention in Detroit! What an amazing experience that was.

I specialize in Color Theory and consider one of the biggest achievements in my career so far to be the sponsorship I have been awarded by Ever After Pigments, the high end pigment brand that I use in my studio. I offer only the best and highest quality to my clients. Because of my many years of experience and continuing education, I am skilled in several methods of tattooing such as SofTap, rotary machine work, and Microblading so that I can accommodate each individual client personally.

When I’m not in my studio or traveling for conventions, you can most likely find me at home taking an online PMU course with my dog, Johnny, beside me. My current goal is the apprenticeship I am studying for Areola Tattooing (for women and men who have undergone Mastectomy). I am so fortunate and grateful to be studying under one of the world’s best Areola Tattooing artists.

Although I have been a large amount of experience and knowledge, I strive to keep growing, learning and mastering my craft. The long days in my studio fly by and each day is truly a blessing. I simply love what I do! Cosmetic Tattooing is not a job for me, it is a lifestyle which allows me to use the artistic skills I was naturally given to help restore confidence to others. I have a profound and deep sense of gratitude towards my clients. I feel it’s truly a partnership and each session is special and unique.

"The quality of Ever After is superb, the pigment retention is amazing and the healed results are always to perfection"