Tess Marti's bio

I started experimenting with makeup from a very young age. Every day I would practice new styles and techniques and I loved discovering all the different ways I could make my face look, just by adding certain shadow and lines. During high school, I took multiple drafting courses, which is where I developed a love for understanding shapes and symmetry. I decided to combine my two passions and start a career in cosmetic tattooing.

As a cosmetic tattoo artist, my greatest passion is to help women boost their confidence and self-esteem. I am a perfectionist and enjoy working patiently and meticulously to produce unbeatable, natural-looking permanent makeup.

In 2018 I pioneered my very own world-renowned "Dark Lip Neutralization" technique. I was one the first to be offering a successful and authentic "neutralizing" tattoo service to women of colour, while other artists said it was impossible to do. I used my experience in working with difficult skin and my in-depth knowledge of colour theory to bring this brand new capability to the permanent makeup industry.