Adenna ENOV-8 Gloves


  • ENOV-8 by Adenna is an ambidextrous, powder and latex-free Nitrile glove that eliminates potential rubber latex protein allergies and powder contamination. This glove is light, easy to don, comfortable on the hands, and provides excellent tactile sensitivity due to its thin but durable feel.

  • Features:

    • LOW DERMA™ granted the "Low Dermatitis Potential" claim by USFDA for protection from Type 1 and Type 4 hypersensitivity
    • Latex-Free
    • Textured fingertips and excellent tactile sensitivity

  • Specifications:

    • Color: Blue Sunset (Dark Dusty blue)
    • 2.5 Mil
    • 200 count/box

    Please note there is a five-box maximum per glove size.


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Adenna ENOV-8 Gloves

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