Rook Quill Rotary PMU Machine



Small but powerful, the Rook Quill Tattoo Pen is an absolute game-changer for the cosmetic, SMP, and Tattoo industries.

Purpose-built to give the artist the feeling of a marker or paintbrush while also relieving fatigue and soreness. The easy-to-grip, light-weight design of this machine operates at low vibrations allowing for silky smooth hair strokes and shading.

This innovative, versatile system allows for soft hits at low voltage or stronger more punchy hits at voltages above 6.5 V making the Rook Quill Tattoo Pen the most versatile tool any PMU, Tattoo, or SMP artist can have in their arsenal.


  • Low vibration
  • Uses standard tattoo power supply
  • Compatible with all standard rotary tattoo cartridges
  • Imported motor; machine parts can be disassembled and replaced
  • Imported custom built motor capable of moving a 27 Magnum cartridge from a dead stop at only 4V
  • 1 year warranty from date of purchase on motor and manufacturing defects


  • Diameter: 16.5mm at the grip (about the size of a sharpie marker) And 22mm at the largest point of the body
  • Weight: 70 grams
  • Stroke: 3.0mm
  • Operating Range: 4V to 12V
  • Includes magnetic power cord


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Rook Quill Rotary PMU Machine

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