TATSoul Paper Ink Caps



We all love something that’s good for the planet so why not try these molded paper caps and sleep a little easier tonight knowing you did your part?

Each individual ink cap is made from thick pressed and molded paper stock and the package is a classic brown paper bag. Lower your carbon footprint and help protect the environment too.

Cost Effective
Small, single-use ink caps available in three different sizes and packaged in a brown paper bag. No frills or fancy packaging - just the basics at a low price.

Recyclable Packaging
Two ways to recycle our retro brown paper bag. Keep the cool reclosable bag to store other stuff in your shop. When the bag is finally done, simply toss it into the nearest recycle bin

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TATSoul Paper Ink Caps

TATSoul Paper Ink Caps - 18mm Large
TATSoul Paper Ink Caps - 15mm - Medium
TATSoul Paper Ink Caps - 10mm - Small